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“My friends just decided to call me the Beast after playing CSGO together…”

Ahmad Naziif aka Beast

sunAsia eSports is proud to recruit a new recognised and highly dedicated CSGO player, 25 years old from Singapore;

introducing… Ahmad Naziif aka Beast.

Ahmad has more than 3 years of loyal services at CSGO accounting for a total of 7.3k XP in game hours. He has now reached the rank of Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG) and level 6 on Faceit. Ahmad will not stop there, he is used to challenge himself to the max as he does at the gym lifting weight or working out his biceps and triceps. His determinations to become a CSGO programer and grow to new eights with our Senior Team are certain. The Beast will do whatever it takes to get results.

Want to know more? check out his profile
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