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Silver Snipers is the world’s first senior electronic sports team where everyone is over 60

Öivind “Windy” Toverud, Abbe “Birdie” Drakborg, Wanja “Knitting Knight” Godänge, Inger “Trigger Finger” Grotteblad and Baltasar “El_Niño” Aguirre.

Silver Snipers: From left to right

Silver Snipers is a pro CS:GO team from Stockholm, sponsored by tech company Lenovo. The initial goal of assembling Silver Snipers were to broaden the audience of eSports – which works very well!
The team live by the slogan “We have time to kill”, which sounds pretty cool and complement their catchy nicknames.

The video game that has made them famous is Counter Strike: Global Offensive, a first-person shooting title that divides teams into terrorists and counter-terrorists – totally cool for their age!

The CSGO Seniors are killing it !

The team is coached by former Counter Strike pro Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson who, since retiring from playing, has started working as a manager. The success of Silver Snipers has led Lenovo to sponsor similar teams such as Gray Gunners (Finland) and Iron Legion (Russia) – here’s to more senior gamers! 

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