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sunAsia eSports Thailand CSGO team is currently in Nantong City in China to participate in Nantong (Chongchuan) Silk Road International E-Sports Invitational Tournament 2019 (NSET) organised by the People’s Republic of China Government of Nantong City, where they will compete among 12 teams from 27th to 29th December for a total prize of 60,000 CNY (8,500 USD or 260,000 THB).

sunAsia’s players from left to right: wineiei, Jinnatham, Yoky, JSpade and MonsteRTiMe

Earlier this month, sunAsia eSports was pleased to receive an invitation letter from Chongchuan’s District Bureau of Education and Sports of Nantong City to represent the Kingdom of Thailand in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) eSports category. This is a large-scale international event initiated by the Asia-Pacific Sports Federation, Multinational Olympic Committee as well as other Chinese E-sports Associations.

sunAsia eSports willingly accepted the invitation, and was honoured to take part in a Tournament which purpose is to promote the e-sports culture in China and internationally as an initiative from the Silk Road’s strategic program of China. The NSET Tournament is expected to attract an audience of at least 500,000 and will take place at the brand new Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center opened since September 2019 at the heart of Nantong City, a suburban area of Shanghai near the Yangtze River Delta.

As you might already know, competitive eSports are thriving in Mainland China, and especially for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, our all-times favourite FPS. Indeed, the game is enjoying an impressive growth in China from a peak of circa 35,000 players a year ago to regularly topping more 100,000 users on a regular basis. It is no surprise that CSGO came as one of the eSport discipline selected by the government body organising NSET.

Graph showing the growth of CSGO users in China. Source

sunAsia Thailand CSGO team began the preparation right after the Rise of Legion Lenovo Tournament 2019 CSGO Season 1, and started to process their Chinese visa to allow passage for the new adventure coming ahead.

Click here to visit the team’s profile and find out more about them

Our sponsor, Gamer Republic Thailand, has also completed a brand new design for sunAsia’s jerseys in 2020, and produced a new set just on time.
Great to build the team’s confidence, and soon available for sale in 2020!

sunAsia eSports Thailand jersey 2020

The 12 CSGO teams of both amateur and professional levels are divided into 2 groups, starting with play offs in single round-robin best of 1 (BO1) on 27th December. Then single elimination brackets and finals will be played in Best Of 3 (BO3) on 28-29th December 2019.

sunAsia will represent Thailand in Group A on Friday 27th December 2019:
1:00 PM SGT vs LaZe
2:00 PM SGT vs Team Aster
4:00 PM SGT vs Yin Young Ren
5:00 PM SGT vs Lynn Vision Gaming

Matches will be live on Twitch , make sure to follow

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More details about the tournament can be found here on Liquipedia,
or here on the Chinese tournament 5EPLAY.

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