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The fast growing eSports organisation, sunAsia eSports, now reinforce it’s positions in India with BadTrip Esport, a local organisation focused on Rainbow Six Siege (R6S), founded in May 2018 by Hulky and Wingman, now positioned in India’s TOP 5 R6S teams.

“We decided to name our adventure in eSports “BadTrip” to symbolise the bad feeling we had when our internet connection broke which was very often at that time… and comparable to a bad smoking trip lol !”

Wingman, founder ex-BadTrip Esports now sunAsia India R6S team

sunAsia eSports has made it’s market entry to India earlier this year with the acquisition of ex-Wicked Gaming (WG), India’s TOP 5 CSGO teams.

BadTrip Esports is now joining it’s forces to sunAsia eSports introducing a strong and solid Rainbow Six Siege (R6S) in India. The players have all been practicing for more than 3 years and have well-versed competitive experiences in the region.

Individual skills but most importantly stable team experience is what we value the most says zicco, founder of sunAsia eSports. Second, we look at the ambition and popularity (streaming experience, content & audience) of the players and his team.

Read up on the player’s profile > here <
sunAsia eSports India Rainbow Six Siege team (ex-BadTrip Esports)

Past achievements of the team include the following competitions, with a total accumulated winnings of almost 100K IDR:
1st ESL 5on5 cup July 2019
2nd Lenovo Rise of Legion Cup (70k runners up)
3rd Esl 5on5 cup June 2019
3rd ISCL 2019
4th lan ESL India Rainbow Six Series 2019 (25K prize won)
2nd Elite Hubs Tournament 2019 (10K prize won)

These 2 persons, coming from each organisation, have been instrumental in closing this partnership and aligning the objectives of sunAsia eSports’ future Rainbow Six Siege team in India;
Hulky, the team’s co-founder and active manager, has been a pillar for the Rainbow Six Siege community in India since 2016.
He is currently one of the moderator of India’s R6S community aiming to regroup tournament organisers, teams, streamers, sponsors and investors to solidify and grow the local and regional community within the eSports industry.

“After discussing with several organisations, we decided to go with sunAsia eSports as we clearly felt the right synergy and dedication. The support they could provide was fair and a roadmap was designed to grow together. Their strict recruitment process have also shown professionalism, know-how and honest care which are key ingredients of success based on my past experiences.”

Hulky, co-founder of BadTrip Esports and now active manager at sunAsia India

Xyeno from China is a very talented manager and knowledgeable strategist known for her experience in the Rainbow Six Siege community globally. She is also coach and advisor at sunAsia eSports, and was tasked to screen through BadTrip Esports’ team among other contenders; analysing their individuals skills and team-play through VODs, scrims and interviews.

Without further do, sunAsia India R6S starts by participating in one of the most important league in India, TEC LEAGUE by The Esports Club. The best teams are now fighting since 4 days for prize and recognition; a great opportunity for this partnership to flourish and mark its positions within the eSports community in India.

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