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sunAsia eSports India Rainbow Six Siege team was proud to be mentioned as TOP 5 team in India by

The largest institution for eSports news in India has shed some lights on the growing Rainbow Six Siege community in India and South Asia with an article published on April 12th 2020. Thanks to the author, Bahrat Kotwani, for writing these very interesting highlights !

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credits to NODWIN Gaming

Post mid 2017, the Rainbow Six Siege community in India has shown some signs of flourishing at a greater pace and with no doubt, they do hold great potential to apex and earn themselves a spot in the Esports scene.

It has been nearly 4 years since Tom Clancy launched Rainbow Six Siege and since the launch of this FPS genre, there has been a formidable player base who have honored this title quoting it as “light years ahead of most FPS titles” and a tactical shooter game where one stands a chance to make use of their in-game attributes in a bid to secure an upper hand over the opposition.

Credits to NODWIN Gaming

Except if we opt for a flashback in 2019, the 6Siege Indian community did get to witness their dreams come true when ESL India decided to organize “Siege India Series 2019” which was held from 21-23 November at Hyderabad International Convention Centre in Kondapur, Hyderabad with a whopping prize pool of 2 Lac INR on the grabs. The matches were streamed on 6Siege’s official Twitch account.

You all might take a deeper look in 6Siege India’s Pro scene as there are yet many infamous but potential players who won’t stop to build their passion for this game and they seem just unstoppable. Het “Foxtrot” Vora, the person behind this successful ride of 6Siege’s Indian Community has played a pivotal role in the upbringing of the same.

Foxtrot has been behind the scenes as he along with The Esports Club (TEC) did organize a plethora of tournaments among which was Lenovo’s Rise of Legion 6Siege tournament held on 27th August 2019 with 3Lakhs INR up for grabs where Mammoth Gaming Overcame Team BadTrip which was later integrated by sunAsia eSports India in the following month.

Also Ahmedabad Comic Con did feature an exclusive gaming zone in partnership with The Esports Club where a tournament for Rainbow Six Siege was held with a prize pool of 1.5Lakhs INR powered by ACT Fibre Interet and Zotac, once again props to Foxtrot who has been an unassailable force when it comes to the upbringing of India’s 6siege scene.

Credits to NODWIN Gaming

Along with Foxtrot and his heroics, we should not let any evil forces overshadow what Tasabbir “Sparko” Hashem has done and he has been doing since he started to play 6Siege in Late 2017. Sparko is considered to be the one among those veteran players in the scene who previously used to play for Team MercenarieZ, a fully-fledged Bangladeshi team before he joined forces at Team Quantum G1.

Team Quantum G1 fields a mixed team of players from India and Bangladesh as well. Tasabbir never let his passion die for the game as he was the lone person at the ILG LAN Tournament held in Pune, Maharashtra who traveled all the way from Bangladesh just to compete along with his team in the Rainbow Six LAN Matches. Along with this after several attempts where he did try to reach out to Siege’s Headquarters in Montreal, Canada, he did succeed in establishing a contact with Alexi Mumen, the head of APAC operations at Rainbow Six Siege where did he provide Alexi with proof of the Progress, the South Asian Scene has made till now.

This might have culminated in persuading ESL to launch Online Qualifiers for the South Asia Region ahead of their Pro League Season 12, but as of now none of this has been confirmed by either ESL or 6Seige but things do look promising and the future might be holding some potential aspects for India and others from South Asian continent as well.

After these exposures, Gaming Monk in partnership with Rise of Gamers (ROG) have scheduled 4 tournaments for 6Siege which are lined up to be conducted in this month itself with each of them having a prize pool of 300USD.

In addition to the above, The Esports Club has organized a League of their own powered by WD Black where we can witness 25 teams trifurcated in 3 divisions competing against each other for the prizel pool of 7Lakhs INR in the jackpot. With the League been already kicked off on 7th April, you can catch Day 4’s live action on TEC’S YouTube Channel and on their Facebook Page as well.

You should absolutely take a look at some of the teams who have been a great inspiration and a driving force to keep the momentum going.

sunAsia eSports India R6S at ESL with Aerial on the left, credits image: NODWIN Gaming


  • Anuj “Flameblame” Sharma (India)
  • Aditya “Dash” Dash (India)
  • Sahil “Darklord” Sharma (India)
  • Arun “Aerial” Ezhikode (India)
  • Pavitra “Pegasus” Pandya (India)
  • Rabby “Dots” Hossain (Bangladesh)
  • Uddhav “Hulky” Shishodia (India) (Manager)

sunAsia Esports qualified for ESL India LAN 2019 and is considered to be one among the Top 5 teams in the Indian Sub Continent. Previously the players used to play under the banner of Bad Trip Esports before being acquired by the former. Arun “Aerial” Ezhikode joined Bad Trip after they fell to Mammoth in Rise of Legion’s Grand finale.

Others TOP 5 Teams in India Subcontinent include:
Vector Sports, Team Quantum G1, Kira Esports and Mercenariez

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