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sunAsia has interviewed for you World’s Oldest CS:GO Champion on Planet Earth…

The incredible journey of Abbe aka “DieHardBirdie”,
ex CS:GO player for LeNovo Silver Snipers and now founder of his own CS:GO team…

Last year, we published an article about the very first eSports team of Senior players in the world in the title of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), the Swedish team Lenovo Silver Snipers.
We were laughing out loud at their clever slogan “We Have Time to Kill” and thought “What If My Grand’Pa and Grand’Ma where pro gamers !”;
How cool would that be ?


Today, we are releasing a special interview about The oldest eSports player in the world and DreamHack CS:GO Champion, Abbe aka “DieHardBirdie”.
He has now left The Lenovo Silver Snipers and decided to pursue his career in eSports and to proudly represent the eldest category of pro-gamers in eSports.

sunAsia eSports:
“Abbe, can you please give us a brief introduction of yourself ?”

Hello, everyone. My name is Abbe “DieHardBirdie” Borg and I am 78 years old. I live in Sweden but I am currently visiting my children in the US.

Before becoming a pro-gamer under my gaming name “DieHardBirdie,” I used to be a professional artist. For the past 50 years, I used metal and paper as my material for my artworks and sculptures. I create dancing figures and other forms out of paper and napkin sheets and I would create floral patterns and other pieces made out of copper and brass sheets.

As a gamer, I am known as “DieHardBirdie” and I am the oldest eSports world champion in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I used to play for Lenovo’s Silver Snipers team. Nowadays, I spend my time playing CS:GO and I am streaming a few hours everyday on my Twitch channel  

sunAsia eSports:
“How did you get involved in gaming and eSports at the very start? and why did you pick CSGO as your specialty?

I got my start in the eSports industry over four years ago. I was approached and recruited by Lenovo together with other senior citizens to play for the Silver Snipers team in Sweden. CS:GO was chosen since it was a great PvP (player vs. player) team game. The overall graphics and tactics deployed in the game were very interesting. I enjoyed playing CS:GO and I have learned a lot in playing it. I think of it as my mental exercise. Until today, I keep my daily practice of playing rounds in CS:GO and I keep on polishing my skills. Initially we used to play a dozen hours a week and only get together as a team twice a month to play together.

sunAsia eSports:
“How long did it take you to realize that eSports was now an industry where you would be able to reinvent your career into?”

At first, I am not aware that eSports have grown to become a major industry. I played eSports because I like playing games and it keeps me healthy and mentally alert. I came to know just how big the eSports industry is when we joined the tournament and played for the championship. The crowd was filled by young people aged 15 and above. There were a lot of supporters and they all cheered for us. The next thing I knew, there were articles about us and about the tournament. I cannot believe that one can support a living through eSports. But it is possible and there are a lot of gamers living this way and I think that this gaming lifestyle is interesting. Today, the eSports industry became a billion dollar industry with global fame.

sunAsia eSports:
“What did your family think when they saw you spending a lot of time practicing in front of the computer screen?”

Every time that my son is looking for me around the house, he sees me playing in front of my computer. I think they all know where to find me in the house – they can always find me playing games. But I also know that excessive gaming is bad for my health and my children keep on reminding me about it. I strive to keep everything in moderation. I think they are very understanding and they support me with my passion in playing games. I tried to limit my gaming for a maximum of 4 hours per day.

sunAsia eSports:
“Can you tell us more about how you got into the team “Silver Snipers?”

I got recruited by Lenovo into their top eSports team named Silver Snipers that is based in Sweden. The team consisted of five members and we underwent our gaming training as we put in a lot of hours in learning how to play the game. We played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) as a unit. We used to get together twice a month without trainer to play together as a team for about 8 hours per month.

sunAsia eSports:
“What would be your best advice to another senior who has pre-judgments about gaming or hesitate to dive into eSports?”

Go for it! Don’t be afraid to try new things like playing games and getting into eSports. Take it from me, who knew that I would win a world championship despite being a senior citizen? Age is just a number. We are capable of doing so much more if we always try and do our best. I call on my fellow grandparents and senior citizens to try and get to know eSports and start to play games. You may end up enjoying it. It’s a good thing to try new things and don’t worry about failing. As we grow older, I think it’s a good thing to keep on learning new things so we can have new hobbies or new skills to polish. However before you can take the plunge make sure that your kids or grandkids set up your laptop and show you the basic steps of gaming so you don’t get frustrated getting started.

sunAsia eSports:
“Do you believe that eSports and gaming, in general, could become a second breath or therapy to elders who are retired with a lot of “time to kill”, but also reduced mobility?”

Yes. I believe that eSports has a lot of benefits to offer to both the younger and older generations. I do believe that playing games is very therapeutic especially for my fellow senior citizens and grandparents. Playing eSports has a low level of physical activity since it mostly relies on your hand-eye coordination and your typing skills. It doesn’t require you to move around a lot and I think this is an advantage especially if you have reduced mobility. Playing eSports is not really a highly active sport but there is still a low level of physical activity taking place. It’s a good exercise too. However it has to be bound so you do physical exercises outdoors and not only sit indoors.

sunAsia eSports:
“What are the main reasons that pushed you to leave the Silver Snipers?”

I left Silver Snipers to pursue my own goals. There was no “bad blood” between the team, we just parted ways as we believe we have our own goals to pursue. I wanted to grow as a pro-gamer and that’s the reason why I started my own Twitch streaming channel. I play by myself now but I am also looking into creating my own eSports team that LDJ Capital is financing, Die Hard Snipers. I am grateful for the whole experience I had during my time with Silver Snipers. Now, I am starting my own solo journey as DieHardBirdie and I hope that people will support me in this new chapter.  A great summary of my persona is depicted at

sunAsia eSports:
“Please tell us more about your new project in eSports.”

This is exciting news. I recently appeared in an interview inside Nasdaq Studios in New York City for DSCVR eSports, a television series focusing mainly on eSports that the NYC investment group LDJ Capital sponsored. It was very interesting because it was my first time inside Nasdaq Studios and I was with my son and granddaughter. In the interview, I was asked about my background and my experience with eSports and playing CS:GO. Through DSCVR eSports, I was able to promote my advocacy of encouraging my fellow senior citizens to get into eSports. The senior category for eSports gaming competition is very underrated and I feel lucky to be one of the first champions in this category. I hope that the older and younger generations would get inspired and learn a lot from the show.

sunAsia eSports:
“Do you believe your future team and TV show can help grow the eSports industry? and How does it help to educate elders around the world about gaming and the benefits in it for them?”

Yes, I believe so. For me, playing games has been my daily mental exercise. It helps me develop quicker reflexes, improve my mental alertness, and develop better hand-eye coordination. Aside from the physical and mental exercise, it helps me develop my communication skills. Communication within the team is a major factor in fostering great teamwork and winning the games.  Recently I also started taking less medication and lost 10 lbs. from healthy eating thanks to my sons support.

As I have said, the eSports industry continues to grow but its #graygamer category is still underrated. I am lucky to be one of the first champions in this category and I hope that with the help of shows like DSCVR eSports, we can give more attention to senior gamers and promote inclusivity in terms of age in the eSports industry. It is never too late to try anything new. Playing games can also be a great way to bond with your family members across generations. I think it’s the right time for more shows and programs like DSCVR eSports to showcase how the eSports industry continues to evolve today. I would encourage the audience to show this interview to their parents and grandparents and then help them to reach out to me.

“Show this to your parents and grandparents”

Le Novo Silver Snipers featuring Abbe aka DieHardBirdie

#Diehardbirdie on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram are ways for you to reach him or just email directly at

Thanks to the teams at LDJ Capital and sunAsia eSports for making this happen.

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