• Currently team sunAsia Thailand CSGO
  • Player age 20
  • Country Thailand
  • Ingame Role In Game Leader + Entry Fragger

Quick Bio

Rising the City of Angels, alvyn is an adorable but deadly CSGO player from Bangkok. His experience has got him the highest ranks in the game and he know dreams to win a Major tournament with his team at sunAsia. Do you feel like joining alvyn and the rest of the team ? click here to apply now, or here join us on Discord.

More details

  • Global Elite / Faceit lvl 10

    Player Rating skill level
  • View steam
View steam
  • Mouse Zowie fk1
  • Headset Cloud 2
  • CPU i7-6700k
  • Mouse Pad Zowie GSR
  • Keyboard Fantech
  • Graphics Card GTX 1050ti


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