• BankOLanTern

    ภัทรชัย ปิยะนันกูล


Quick Bio

BankOLanTern is a talented eSports player from Sisaket, Thailand. He has been training intensively for the past 4 years to reach this competitive level. His dream is to become an eSports Champion to represent his country and believe this can be achieved at sunAsia.
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More details

  • Legendary Eagle Master (LEM) / Faceit Lvl 10

    Player Rating skill level
  • View steam
View steam
  • Mouse Zowie EC2B
  • Headset Hyperx
  • CPU Ryzen 2700x
  • Mouse Pad ZOWIE PAD G-SR Red
  • Keyboard Reddagon
  • Graphics Card gtx1060


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