• Currently team sunAsia India R6S
  • Player age 21
  • Country India
  • Ingame Role IGL + Entry Fragger

Quick Bio

FlameBlame is one of India's most experienced player with around 4 years game experience. He is truly passionate about eSports and look forward to building his career in eSports at sunAsia. Do you share the same ambition as FlameBlame? Apply with this link to join his team https://bit.ly/sunAsiaR6S-apply or on https://discord.me/sunAsia

More details

  • Platinum III

    Player Rating skill level
  • View steam
View steam
  • Mouse Logitech G402
  • Headset Cosmo 7.1 Redgear
  • CPU i7 7700
  • Mouse Pad Redgear
  • Keyboard Redgear Manta keyboard
  • Graphics Card GTX 1060 6gb

Ultra high dpi 3200 In-Game Sensitivity 8-8-28

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