• ki1wz

    ชนาเมศ แซ่โค้ว


Quick Bio

ki1wz is a young prodigy CSGO player coming from Chonburi province in the Kingdom of Thailand. He has almost 3000 hours in game XP and achieved the highest rank on Faceit Level. He is passionate about sports in general and sometimes plays football with his friends. He aims to go PRO and become the best CSGO player in Thailand within 2 years at sunAsia. Do you feel like joining alvyn and the rest of the team ? click here to apply now, or here join us on Discord.

More details

  • Legendary Eagle (LE) / Faceit lvl 10

    Player Rating skill level
  • View steam
View steam
  • Mouse Zowie EC2-B
  • Headset HyperX Cloud ll
  • CPU Intel 8400
  • Mouse Pad Steelseries QCK+Pro Edition
  • Keyboard AJAZZ AK33
  • Graphics Card Gigabyte 1050Ti

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