Protective Glasses for Gamers


Discover Protective Glasses for Gamers, made for eSports.
Protect your eyes against damaging blue light from your screen.
Improve your performance and less fatigue when playing for hours with our Blue Lens.

Eyeguard offers stylish and resistant eyewear for all gamers:
100% screen Blue Light resistant, lightweight, flexible structure.

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Protect your eyes before it’s too late !
Are you already suffering from eye strains or fatigue ?

Your eyes are exposed to heavy blue light damaging the retina of your eyes each time spent in front of your screen during many hours. Your eyes are essential to gaming performance…protect them !

Get Eyeguard glasses for gamers with sunAsia:

  • 100% UV Protection
  • Protect from Blue Light
  • Flexible and Resistant Material
  • Light Weight

2 Options:

– Blue Auto Lens -> no custom eye value, without prescription
– Nano Blue Lens -> adjusted to your vision, your eye values
(specify your eye value to us after purchase)


Gamer Model Size (Unisex – Good for Boys & Girls):


Available in different colours for every gamer’s taste:



Everything is provided into 1 pack. You will receive:


What is blue light ?

Normally, blue light is usually found in natural white light but also in artificial light produced by the screen. Blue light is divided into two types:
* Light-Blue UV = Natural blue light, good for you, rich in Vitamin D.
* Violet-Blue UV = Artificial blue light causing harm and vision damage (blur, distortion…)


The Lens EYEGUARD NANOBLUE is the solution
– Prevents blue light entering 90% of the eye
– Allows for 98% of natural light to pass through the lens so that the image seen through the lens remains clear and bright.
– Reduces glares for clear visibility on the screen when you play. You need less focus.
– Reflects the light causing less fatigue while gaming. You can practice longer.

– 100% UV filter
– Highly resistant lens and structure, hard to damage or crack.


3 reviews for Protective Glasses for Gamers

  1. Vicky

    Fast delivery, good customer support.

  2. Jay

    I can play longer without getting tired and I love their style.

  3. Ashraf

    Good quality, not easy to break. Received as advertised.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

General questions

How is a Blue Lens different from Blue Auto?
Both are able to filter the light from genuine computers, tablets and smartphones alike. The Blue Auto lens will change color when exposed to sunlight.

How big are the glasses?
Our glasses are classic, standard size


How many types of glasses and how many colors?
Our glasses have only one color, 11 colors. For children between 4-12 years, there is only one color.

How much is the filter?
Nano Blue optical glasses, 1,490 baht.  Nano Blue optical glasses, 2,090 baht. (Unlike the Blue version, they won’t change color in the sun. While the Blue Trans version will change color when exposed to the sun)

Do an additional 300 baht to the eyes, free delivery of EMS to the course If collecting more money for 100 baht

What are the glasses?
Eyeguard nano blue lens features prevent blue light from entering the eye up to 90%, allowing natural light to pass up to 98%, thus making the image clear and bright, reducing glare and reflections, making the text on the electronic screen read. Eletronic Or read more clearly.

100% UV filter. The lens is highly flexible, thus preventing the lens from cracking in an accident.

Frame features
Super light weight, only 13 grams,
rubber plastic And is the material used in the production of airplanes, therefore is light, flexible and highly durable, does not cause allergies to the wearer Children can wear it safely,  environmentally friendly.

How are the multi-coated vs Nano blue lenses different?
Multi-coated lens Filter the light and the waves But can not filter blue light
Nano Blue lens can filter the light Magnetic wave And blue light

Why are the Eyeguard glasses less expensive than others?
The reason we sell lower price Because we don’t have the cost of rent, staffing, water, electricity, which is very expensive. We focus on selling online so we can sell at a lower price.

How many days after the money has been received?
2-3 days
Which customers can check the package number on the Facebook page
or Add Line: @eyeguard

Is the product guaranteed?
The product is guaranteed to the customers’ hands with no damage or damage. If there is any damage, we will send you a new one for free.

One pair of glasses. Can it fit on everyone?
Because our glasses are classic, standard size, can be worn by both men and women. Therefore, most will wear without problems. If the face is big, you can wear it as oversize. But for people with small eyes or without buckles, don’t worry because the glasses frame can be bent and tightened. Both the glasses legs and the nose pad

If wanting to do more eyesight, what to do?
Customers can immediately notify how much left-right eye vision is needed, which can be shorter than 600, not more than 400, and not more than 200, which we will not do, including lenses. Progressive. Sorry for you.

And if you do not know your eye rate What to do Is there a place to measure eyesight?

We do not currently have an eye examination service. But customers try our advice

If you don’t normally wear glasses, you can order the normal filter. Because the eyes are still normal But if you normally wear glasses but don’t know your eye rate, try this.

1. Bring the old glasses to the cut-out glasses shop Then told him to check the eye rate of this glasses He will give my eyesight After finished, take pictures and send to us straight away.

2. Try the glasses in the market or bookstore that has a sticker on the glasses how short or long (Short will be negative Length will have a positive value). Let’s see which one wears and is clear and comfortable to the eyes. Then remembered that value and came to order with us, will get an optical lens + filter, excellent quality light to use

3. Eye examination at the hospital or eye clinic (chargeable)

** We do not accept the cutting of the eye measurement from the computer only at the glasses shop Because the prescription will not match **

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